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by David Sims INTERSECTIONAL FEMINISM is feminism that has been taken over by perverts and by minorities who tell White feminists that they should either shut up or get out. With classic Marxist doublethink, the intersectional feminists claim that White feminism unfairly “overshadows”…
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Equivocation on ‘fascism’ has been exploited by both “left” and “right”: On the left, what is called “corporate fascism” is taken to represent fascism in general, and on the right, every stripe of undesirables is fused with fascism: “feminazis,” “ecofascists,” and “Islamofascists,” to name a few.
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Classic Essays

The ever-shifting alliances of the Warburgs and the too-easy-going National Socialists of real history IN WORLD WAR I, while Max Warburg was advising Kaiser Wilhelm how to bring America to its knees, brother Paul in Washington was advising Woodrow Wilson how to starve the Germans into surrender.…
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EssaysHadding Scott

by Hadding Scott THERE IS AN urban legend that has been floating around for some years now, that the word racist was coined by Leon Trotsky, for the purpose of cowing and intimidating opponents of leftist ideology. In his History of the Russian Revolution Trotsky applied the word racist to Slavophiles,…
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