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Classic EssaysHadding Scott

Introduction by Hadding Scott: This article was published in the Michigan Alumnus Quarterly Review of 10 December 1938. I consider it a relatively unbiased look at the National-Socialist agenda of reducing conflict between workers and employers. Summary 1. National-Socialist Germany did not…
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When White labor began losing power The Knights of Labor THE Knights of Labor, founded in 1869, was the first major organized labor institution in the USA. It combined workers of all skill levels into highly effective forces that had the power to enable eight hour workdays to later become an industrial…
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Immigrants have over 50 percent of the jobs in Silicon Valley requiring at least a bachelor’s degree. . . . . . Which is why America needs more immigrants!  (((Oligarchs))) and foreign scab laborers of the world, unite! * * * Source: Dissident Millennial (H/T Chateau Heartiste)…
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