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by David Sims ON 14 December 2000, two Black men, armed with at least one handgun, broke into a home and forced three White men and two White women to have sex with each other for the amusement of the watching Negroes. The Blacks, Jonathan and Reginald Carr, then drove the Whites to an ATM machine and forced…
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KRIS KOBACH, the race-aware Kansas secretary of state, has been named to Donald Trump’s transition team: Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach has been asked to join President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team. The team will advise Trump on policy issues leading up to his swearing-in…
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by Thomas Goodrich Note #1 DESPITE ITS Italian-sounding name, Antonino is an old German community. At the close of the 19th century these thrifty, industrious immigrants flocked to the High Plains around Hays, Kansas, and established their own communities. When I lived here in 1970, I still recall…
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