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IT’S WELL PAST TIME the term kritarchy percolated into the public consciousness. It means rule by judges, and bears a lineage descending from ancient Israel. Thus making it particularly apt given the ethnic composition of the Court. Western civilization suffers no deficit of hurdles to its…
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by Dr. William L. Pierce (pictured) MR. CLINTON’S long visit to Africa has helped to strengthen his already strong support among Blacks in America — and it has given him a vacation from the Monica and Kathleen and Gennifer and Paula circus which has engulfed his administration. That…
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It’s not really clear what in the Hell he’s actually being jailed for, but the Judge’s words are so absurdly over the top that his decision reads like a parody of Jewish totalitarianism. A JUDGE HAS jailed a ‘Holocaust denier’ for five months for using performance art in the public…
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