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Bloom by Douglas Mercer WITH A NAME like Beth Bloom she might as well be standing next to a guy in that weird black hat who’s dancing the Hava Nagila at Canter’s while ordering bagels to nosh on while she kvetches with her bubuleh about what a mensch her son-in-law the doctor is. Still, I had…
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Miranda Du by Douglas Mercer IT’S NOT a felony to enter the United States illegally — for that you get a green card with all the fixings — but it is (technically at any rate) a felony to be deported and then re-enter the United States. But if a Vietnamese judge gets her way, and you know…
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Judge Shelley Joseph, defendant by Saxon Day AN AMERICAN judge in an American courtroom sits up high, ruling over the proceedings with an iron hand. All show deference to her, what she says is law, is literally law. On this particular day the woman up high does not care about law or about what is deemed right…
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