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by John Young EVERYBODY HAS HEARD of “personality projection.” It is a situation in which one person assumes that another person has personality attributes similar to his own. Thus, the obsessiveness of Jews who always believe someone is trying to rip them off, for example. Nobody is…
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John Young gives us the best extant explanation of the current economic crisis and clearly explains how the billionaire elite force us to work for them. by John Young EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE there is a confluence of events that conspire to allow the American people a glimpse of the sordid underbelly of our…
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This essay, written late last winter, captures the sense of urgency coupled with calm determination that intelligent men and women need in these times. by John Young TODAY I PLANTED seeds. There is still a foot of snow on the ground, torrential rains have flooded out roads and we got an inch of sleet last…
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