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EDITOR’S NOTE: Obviously, Marcion’s variation on Christianity is no more true than the established versions. But equally obviously, it will be many, many decades before the Semitic cult vanishes entirely — so it may be in our best interest to see that Marcion’s less-Jewish…
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by Edgar J. Steele RECENTLY, a list subscriber pointed out that my name had been added to the short list of “American Extremist Individuals” carried on the ADL’s Web page, alongside the likes of Ernst Zundel, William Pierce, David Irving, Dr. Ed Fields, Willis Carto and Bo Gritz,…
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SEXUAL CRIMES against children by rabbis and other Jews seem to be a never-ending occurrence. A case in Melbourne, Australia depicts how the crimes were covered up, with abuse taking place for decades and no action being taken by rabbis who were aware of the crimes via the complaints of parents. It is…
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