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Jewish push for Hate speech

EssaysThomas Dalton

by Thomas Dalton, PhD. “A law against Jew-hatred is usually the beginning of the end for the Jews.”
—Joseph Goebbels, diary (April 19, 1943)[1] ‘HATE’ IS SUCH an ugly word. And such a juvenile word. It calls to mind the stereotypical eight-year-old girl who screams “I hate you!” to her mother when she…
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Five security guards, members of the RCMP, two in bulletproof vests, all entrants pass through metal detectors, undergo a wand search, check all electronics including cell phones and have their bags meticulously scrutinized. Why all the security? The crown was presenting its criminal case against
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Classic EssaysWilliam Pierce

Hans Schmidt Was Thrown into Jail Simply for Displeasing the Wrong People by Dr. William L. Pierce PERHAPS YOU’VE NOTICED recently how pleased the news media have been to inform us that Mr. Clinton’s popularity with the electorate is rising. His so-called “approval rating”…
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Unbelievable hate-filled, crazed screed openly demands total Jewish thought control over all Gentiles worldwide. by Tanya Cohen (pictured) IF there’s one thing that truly demonstrates just how incredibly far behind the rest of the world America is when it comes to protecting the most basic and…
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Courage of property owner puts Washington regime — which opens our borders to invaders — to shame. NOBLESVILLE, Ind. – A controversy is brewing in Noblesville over a sign that some are calling racist. First Amendment or hate? That’s the question surrounding the sign in…
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