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A rational look at the Jewish Question: To what extent are Jewish thought processes distinct from those of Europeans? American Dissident Voices broadcast of September 9, 2017 by Kevin Alfred Strom DO JEWS have a mentality as different from ours as a parasite’s is from that of the species on which…
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by Tanstaafl Jewish morality TO MOST WHITES morality is an entirely universalist notion. This means that, with some exceptions, if something is right or wrong then it is assumed to be right or wrong for everyone, everywhere, all the time. This notion of morality is reflected in Christian ethics as the…
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Author of “King’s Torah” said in 2011 that his position on killing Gentile babies is a moderate one, and that many Jews, perhaps a majority, believe any Gentile can be killed at will. THE AUTHOR of the Torat Hamelech book does not regret its harsh messages of violence to non-Jews during…
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