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by John I. Johnson I’VE JUST seen this story, and haven’t examined how the Establishment is spinning it. Apparently it originated with a couple of (presumably) Jewish journalists on the website Gawker. One would have to watch how the story develops. An early summary of it yesterday…
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Introduction by Mark Weber ALTHOUGH TODAY it is considered tactless if not hateful to speak openly of a “Jewish question,” the often thorny matter of relations between Jews and non-Jews in society is a real issue that has bedeviled countless governments and scholars for centuries. In…
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by Andrew Joyce I’VE NOW spent more than fifteen years researching the Jewish Question and the impact of Jewish influence on the West. During that time I’ve encountered and documented a number of Jews who almost single-handedly encapsulate and characterize the Jewish modus operandi, as well as the…
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American Dissident Voices Broadcast of January 15, 2000 by Dr. William Pierce I WAS AMUSED last week when America’s top baseball commissars ordered that Atlanta Braves pitcher John Rocker (pictured) undergo psychiatric testing because he said he finds New York City a depressing place, filled…
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