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TODAY I HAVE a quiz for you. Take a look at the guy on the right and try to work out whether he’s more likely to be a descendant of (a) legendary BBC founder Lord Reith, or (b) a pickpocket from the Baghdad Bazaar. Well done if you chose the latter. For Alan Yetob’s parents were Jews who fled Baghdad…
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by David Sims A FEW YEARS ago, on 23 October 2007, Sarah Marshak (pictured) began creating a hoax of an antisemitic “hate crime” by drawing a swastika on the whiteboard mounted on the door of her dorm room and then reported it to the campus security police. On 27 October, another female dorm…
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Former French foreign minister, Roland Dumas, confirmed what many suspect about the Zionist-controlled regime in Paris. Dumas told a French television channel that France’s prime minister Manuel Valls is “under Jewish influence.” by Brandon Martinez SINCE THE Charlie Hebdo attack, which bore…
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