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David Baddiel by Douglas Mercer JUST WHEN YOU THINK that Jew whining has reached its maximum possible level, you realize you are wrong: Jew whining has no maximum level. They don’t kvetch and kibbitz so much as whine and whinge. And Jew whining will never end. Not that long ago the putrid state of…
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Rob Reiner by Tanstaafl
We are being ruled by an unchecked disturbed Sociopath, his lunatic White Supremacist followers, and Joe Manchin. We no longer live in a Democracy. (Rob Reiner, 15 Oct 2021)No prosecution of Donald Trump for his violent attack to overthrow our Government. No Voting Rights.…
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by Tanstaafl And now, a rise in political extremism, White supremacy, domestic terrorism that we must confront and we will defeat.– Joe Biden, 20 January 2021 NEW kikeservative-in-chief, Jew-led war on Whites intensifies, Jews hardest hit. The highlights… January 6th – The Capitol Insurrection.…
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