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Why does turning to stone come to mind? by Tanstaafl A FEW DAYS AGO Jessica Krug, a tenured professor at George Washington University, posted a bizarre confession. I’ve excerpted the key bits. The Truth, and the Anti-Black Violence of My Lies ( To an escalating degree over my adult life,…
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Jewess Krug by Douglas Mercer THE MAIN advantage that Jews have always had is that, to an untrained eye, they appear to be White. This enables them to impersonate their enemies, to blend in without being noticed. Whenever a Jew wins the Nobel Prize he’s always a Jew, but if a Jew is a pedophile he magically…
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Here we see Jewess and George Washington University professor Jessica Krug at a Haitian Embassy event in 2017. Krug pretended to be Black for her entire career, admitting her deception this week, saying she had assumed a “Blackness that I had no right to claim.” On a much larger scale, Jews…
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