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No different from Patrick Henry: Welcome, new consumer and voting units! by Douglas Mercer A NATURALIZATION ceremony will have a Jew waving the red, white, and blue but inside he’ll be snickering and counting the days that White America has left. A naturalization ceremony will also get a conservative…
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by Douglas Mercer THERE WERE more than 188,000 attempted crossings from Mexico into the US in June 2021, the highest in a decade. Texas Governor Greg Abbott has said he is responding to the high rate of border crossings. If the Department of Justice and the courts have their way, when it comes to protecting…
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Miranda Du by Douglas Mercer IT’S NOT a felony to enter the United States illegally — for that you get a green card with all the fixings — but it is (technically at any rate) a felony to be deported and then re-enter the United States. But if a Vietnamese judge gets her way, and you know…
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by James Harting THE ONGOING war against White people continues, and indeed is picking up momentum. Whites are already a beleaguered minority worldwide and make up less than 10 percent of the global population. The White nations of Europe are currently experiencing a ferocious assault, and are being…
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