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HERE’S the latest video from meme-masters extraordinaire Murdoch Murdoch. Blake Hood says, “This video is one of the best Murdoch Murdoch videos I have seen.” The best of the “groypers” and “alt-righters”…
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AN AMERICAN sent me some brilliant memes from the USA. Most are truly awesome. But one which irked me was about gun control and dictators. It was about the notion that Hitler, conflated with all “dictators,” wanted his people unarmed so as to kill them. This is pure rubbish. I wrote this to…
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EssaysHadding Scott

by Hadding Scott IT HAS ANNOYED me for some months, seeing a two-frame cartoon that has an SA-man in the left frame and an Antifa thug in the right frame, both attacking “Free Speech.” In the aftermath of the attack on Andy Ngo (and some others who got much less sympathy because they were straight,…
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EssaysKevin Alfred Strom

By popular demand: bringing together in one post the facts about my quote, which many falsely attribute to Voltaire by Kevin Alfred Strom ABOUT A QUARTER CENTURY ago, in 1993, I said, in my American Dissident Voices broadcast titled “All America Must Know the Terror That is Upon Us,” the…
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