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Importance of Race

EssaysKevin Alfred Strom

by Kevin Alfred Strom RECENTLY Google replaced their normal search page graphic with one depicting Mohandas K. Gandhi, also known as Mahatma (Sanskrit for “Great Soul”) Gandhi, in recognition of his birthday, which is now celebrated as the International Day of Non-Violence. Gandhi’s movement of…
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David SimsEssays

by David Sims TRUTH AND HATE are not opposites. Truth and niceness are not synonymous, and sometimes the nice answer is the wrong answer. (ILLUSTRATION: Poussin; The Conquest of Jerusalem by Titus) To illustrate, I’ll point out the fact that some of the people who answered my intentionally…
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Classic EssaysWilliam Pierce

by Dr. William L. Pierce WHAT THE Roman emperors learned 2,000 years ago about keeping the urban rabble from becoming restless by supplying them with lots of spectacles in the Colosseum still works. I get a lot of letters from listeners who are pretty good examples of this sort of thing: people who are…
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