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SUPPOSE you were a Spanish tourist in the U. S. or suppose you were an oldline Spanish-American whose ancestors had settled here many, many generations ago. What would your feelings be toward the Chicanos, Hispanics and Mexican-Americans whom the media currently hold up as representatives of Spanish…
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BLACK LIVES MATTER spokesman Shaun King (pictured) is white, even though he took Oprah Winfrey’s scholarship money to attend a historically black college and has consistently misrepresented his racial ancestry, according to new reports from Internet sites. King often spoke out about a brutal…
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Classic EssaysWilliam Pierce

“Identity, Purpose, Survival” is an early Cosmotheist-related article written by Dr. William Pierce by Dr. William L. Pierce DEAR FRIENDS, we have come a long way in five months. Do not be deceived by the brevity or the seeming ease of our progress. What we have learned so far can be stated…
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American Dissident VoicesAudioKevin Alfred StromRadio

American Dissident Voices broadcast of April 4, 2015 by Kevin Alfred Strom IF WE are going to survive, that means that we have to decide who “we” are. That’s so basic, so obvious, so essential that it’s amazing how few people give much thought to it. The Blacks have very little…
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