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Jordan Peterson by Organon tou Ontos I REPRODUCE Peterson’s original article here. Below, I address his argument. Advocating the relevance of the Jewish question is not a necessary condition for taking Peterson to task for distorting it. But accepting or rejecting it should be based on an authentic…
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by Hadding Scott THE SELF-PROCLAIMED conservatives of the Republican Party have a sickening tendency to try to minimize controversy by not challenging the sacred cows that the anti-White left sets up for us all. Thus we hear, for example, Rush Limbaugh speaking in reverential tones of “Dr.…
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by Dissident Millennial IN RESPONSE to heckling for him to publicly declare his position on the Jewish Question, Jordan B. Peterson completely destroys any credibility he may otherwise have had as a serious critic of political correctness and the anti-Western identity politics that have taken…
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