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Yet Another Multi-Decade Sex Grooming Scandal In U.K.—But Peaceful Identitarians Sellner, Pettibone Barred Anyway  by James Kirkpatrick How could the systematic rape, beating and murder of hundreds of its young women not bring any country’s government crashing down, with hearings, trials, and…
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The one revolutionary force rightly feared by those who misrule us TO THE uninitiated, to be an identitarian in this age seems to be an anachronistic and borderline masochistic endeavour. Every day presents more evidence that the notion of having a fixed historical identity is a dying one. From the…
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AROUND 50 members of the right-wing Identitarian Movement of Austria (Identitäre Bewegung Österreich) blocked the Spielfeld border crossing in protest against policies they say encourage mass immigration to Europe over the weekend. Evan Thomas spoke to some of the activists, who said they are…
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