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…am I an isopterophobe? by H. Millard CALL ME Joe. My house fell down today. Now I’m out on the street with my family. We’re not alone; all of my neighbors’ houses have also fallen down and we’re all out here wondering what we can do next. Our government has turned its back…
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by Cholly Bilderberger (read part 1) TO PROVE HIS THEORY that only Jews can undo the hypnotic spell which they have laid upon the whites, and that they could be induced to do so only if shown a higher vision for themselves, Sutter Lang had to go into laboratory experimentation. “I understand what…
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by Eric Verlo THINK YOU KNOW the saga of the deleted scenes from Monty Python’s LIFE OF BRIAN? Not if you trust Wikipedia. The 1979 comedy didn’t just take the mickey out of Jesus and the feuding Palestinian Liberation fronts, it poked fun at Zionists, as goose-stepping racists led by Eric Idle’s OTTO…
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He’s kidding, I think. — Ed. by Fernando Pena THE NEXT TIME you read about an African American or Hispanic who committed a crime, don’t blame the African American or Hispanic, instead blame the majority white population. Whites have historically oppressed people-of-color; this…
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