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Douglas MercerEssays

This painting, part of a series titled Children of the Holodomor, depicts starving White children and a mother sitting outside of their house up against the wall next to the door. Both children are emaciated, and the mother’s legs have begun to swell from the starvation. To the left is a young boy…
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David SimsEssays

Our wars are not fought for “moral” reasons — dead babies, Evil Dictators Doing Bad Things, and the like. Those are just props in a stage show, consisting mostly of lies, to get the easily-fooled populace to support whatever killing our misrulers want to accomplish. Here Mr. Sims
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by Michael Walsh THE HOLOCAUST MANTRA that falsely claims six million Jews died in World War 2 is drummed into our heads since early childhood. It then comes as a shock to learn that the Führer’s accusers between them take full responsibility for multiple acts of genocide that claimed no less…
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by Michael Walsh HAVE YOU NOTICED that we don’t hear much about Ukraine these days? Here in the West, the word on the streets is “one never hears of Ukraine now.” In the run-up to the Washington-instigated coup of February 2014, mainstream media were rolling story after story on that country,…
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