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by David Sims THE BRITISH Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and Netflix will host a television series about the fall of the ancient Trojan city, Troy. The Trojans were a White people closely related to the Greeks. The series is a vehicle for misinformation and racial propaganda in that it features a Black…
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Classic EssaysRevilo P. Oliver

by Revilo P. Oliver I HAVE JUST got around to reading the second volume of the University of Cincinnati’s Classical Studies, which contains the second series of lectures in memory of Louise Taft Semple, a gracious lady, accomplished hostess, generous patron of scholarship, and highly intelligent…
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WESTERN EXPLORERS settled in China more than 1,500 years earlier than experts had believed, new research has revealed, after archaeologists found the famous Terracotta Warriors could have been made with the help of the Greeks. (ILLUSTRATION: Dan Snow presents the show about the Terracotta Warriors.)…
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