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The aphorisms of one of Europe’s greatest philosophers Introductory Note
by Joseph D. Pryce THESE APHORISMS, essays, and recollections in prose are numbered seriatim. The idea was to construct a sort of völkisch vade-mecum out of Klages’s works that might resemble the Heraclitean…
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It’s good to make them feel unwelcome — but bad to teach them our languages. What is really needed is not any of these stupid halfway measures, but full-on race-based Whites-only citizenship coupled with mass deportation of non-Whites. MIGRANTS in Austria could be paid just €1-AN-HOUR…
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Classic EssaysWilliam Pierce

The Germans and their kin conquered the dying Roman Empire, but soon the conquerors were themselves conquered without knowing it. by Dr. William L. Pierce DURING THE turbulent and eventful fifth century the Germans largely completed their conquest of the West. But the Germans did not make their conquest…
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Classic Essays

[THE GERMANS] choose their kings for their noble birth, their commanders for their valor. The power even of the kings is not absolute or arbitrary. The commanders rely on example rather than on the authority of their rank — on the admiration they win by showing conspicuous energy and courage and…
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Kevin Alfred StromReports

AS DER SCHWERTER, a patriotic German-language Web site, has published a translation of Kevin Alfred Strom’s American Dissident Voices program, “The Unholy War.” The German translation follows: Ich schreibe diese Sendung am 11. September 2014, dem dreizehnten Jahrestag…
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