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FictionH. Millard

by H. Millard “SO, YOU’VE READ A LITTLE about Arman’s Teachings that I follow that constitute my religion, my philosophy and my world view and you’ve seen the lexicon that I’ve put together and you probably think you’ve seen it all, right, man?” asked…
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This Asian author has hit upon the perennial truth that Ibsen expressed when he said that minorities are often right — and the majority is always wrong. by Winston Wu THERE IS A MYTH among the herd that loners are people without social skills. But this is just a copout excuse to ostracize others.…
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Classic EssaysKevin Alfred Strom

The laws of our ancestors and the laws of Nature cannot be violated with impunity. by Kevin Alfred Strom
based on the American Dissident Voices broadcast of February 26, 2006 A FEW DAYS AGO I visited one of the most venerated historical sites in the United States, the National Archives, where I saw with…
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EssaysKevin Alfred Strom

by Kevin Alfred Strom RECENTLY Google replaced their normal search page graphic with one depicting Mohandas K. Gandhi, also known as Mahatma (Sanskrit for “Great Soul”) Gandhi, in recognition of his birthday, which is now celebrated as the International Day of Non-Violence. Gandhi’s…
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