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by Thomas Goodrich MANY ARE WE who own guns. Some of us even tote ’em. Why? Because, unlike those who do not own, much less carry, guns, me, myself and millions more have gained a glimpse of what is “out there.” At some point in my spin on this mortal coil I have seen the face of evil… raw, soulless evil……
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by Matt Koehl SINCE ANCIENT TIMES, freedom in the Aryan sense has always carried with it the right of every freeman to keep and bear arms. When the American Constitution was drafted, this idea was incorporated by the Founding Fathers in the Second Amendment. Today that right is under attack by every liberal…
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Okay for Washington regime to be heavily armed; not okay for ordinary citizens, say corporate giants SHIPPING GIANTS FedEx and UPS say they will not transport a $1,500 computer-controlled, homemade firearms mill, as the companies are concerned the technology presents thorny legal implications,…
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