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Below is an abridged version of a landmark essay which argues for White ethno-racial nationalism on the grounds that it is biologically adaptive in terms of enhancing not just our group-evolutionary interests, but also our individual evolutionary interests as well. This is key because if we are to
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Avoiding the sexually transmitted disease of non-White genes by H. Millard MISCEGENATION IS THE cause of Whites being infected with non-White genes. Think of miscegenation as a sexually transmitted disease that can kill not only many entire White families, but can spread unchecked and can kill all…
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There are many dangers — and many possibilities — opening up for us through this technology. It has been suggested that no one will want to create synthetic dindus or other distinctly lower types. But is that really true? A society of the corrupted led by Jews might want exactly that —
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EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the truth that educated, influential Europeans need to hear, put in language that they can understand. Although it makes the already fully-aware wince to hear nonsense such as “there is obviously a moral duty to help” non-White refugees (there is not), we…
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