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Some 1.3 billion people lack regular access to electricity. With its reliable independent grid powered by wind, water and solar, a remote Scottish island could hold the key to a solution. THE SCOTTISH ISLAND of Eigg has a precarious connection to the outside world — which I experienced first-hand…
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As our planet runs out of cheap energy, billions will die and our descendants may be trapped on a doomed Earth instead of spreading Life to the stars. Is it “scapegoating” to assign blame for this disaster where it really belongs? by David Sims IN THE VIDEO above, Richard Heinberg makes some…
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In order for our civilization — and our very selves — to survive, our race must establish colonies on other worlds, and the window of opportunity for doing so is rapidly closing. by David Price LIFE ON EARTH is driven by energy. Autotrophs take it from solar radiation and heterotrophs take…
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