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EssaysH. Millard

In praise of the proper measure of all these things by H. Millard AYN RAND didn’t invent the philosophy that she promoted. She just put the already long-existing philosophy of egoism into some of her own words and called it Objectivism. Egoism simply means that one believes in “looking…
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by John Calhoun SO YOU have decided to devote your life to the cause of the White Race. I commend you on that. I want to tell you that our cause is not for the weak, nor is it for the egoistic. Many self-proclaimed “Führers” and “Aryan Warriors” have come before you. Though they…
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Classic EssaysWilliam Pierce

by Dr. William L. Pierce LAST MONTH we began looking at the question, “What is the purpose of man’s existence?” We saw that there is, in the men and women of our race, an inborn, intuitive urge to order our lives in accord with some purpose beyond the satisfaction of our daily whims.…
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