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by Rob Freeman RECRUITING more people into our network is extremely important, simply because there will be safety in numbers after the breakdown. However, I also believe that most of us are woefully unprepared for what’s coming and that we need to start expending much of our time and energy to…
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MERKEL DOES NOT represent Germany, but the banks. All European politicians represent the banks, i.e. international high finance. There is no Euro crisis, the Euro is a tool used by the banks to suck away the wealth of the nations of Europe. The Euro works out perfectly according to the plan of its inventors:…
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Moshe Kantor (pictured) pushes new scare tactic to get European governments to criminalize criticism of Jews. EUROPEAN LEADERS “should be quick in adopting real measures to counter anti-Semitism” or witness Jews leave, taking away their money and businesses, says the President of…
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