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Excerpted from the essay “Folk and Land” by Wulf Grimwald NS-GERMANY was the only major modern effort to address the decline of the Western Civilization, and to attempt an answer to the question of how to maintain a progressive, technological State yet return the Folk to the “Springtime” of its youth.…
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APPARENTLY, outbreeding is a problem when we’re talking about owls. National Geographic: Throughout the forests of its Pacific Northwest home, the spotted owl, listed as a threatened species, is facing a new challenge. An interloper from the Midwest, the barred owl, has moved in and the birds are…
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Classic EssaysRevilo P. Oliver

by Revilo P. Oliver QUITE A FEW AMERICANS were pleased when a comparatively new political organization in Germany, commonly called the Green Party, obtained so many votes in the municipal elections in Berlin that it supplanted the older parties in the coalition government of that city. It may be worthwhile…
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