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By Dr. William L. Pierce Annihilation of Germany Corrupted Our Morals
The Race’s Gravest Crisis is at Hand
The Task Ahead is 
Biological, Cultural, Educational and Political
There Will Be No Outside Help, No Miracles SINCE THE END of the Second World War the situation and the prospects of the…
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Classic Essays

As part of our commitment to the celebration of forgotten classics—i.e., great works of the past which have been intentionally flushed down the memory hole by our Orwellian overlords—National Vanguard is proud to present a condensed edition of Lothrop Stoddard’s pioneering treatise The Revolt…
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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Third World America. Trillions of dollars spent to equalize the races and this is the result… * * * Source: Dissident Millennial…
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by Marian Van Court Introductory Note: Though we disagree with the author’s notion that “raising the IQ of Blacks” through eugenics is worth discussing — since we believe that achieving an all-White society must precede the institution of eugenic measures — we recommend…
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Why do areas of high population density become “liberal” politically? by David Sims I WAS JUST now reading an essay that examined the relationship between politics and population density, with the writer scratching his head upon discovering that there is a correlation between population…
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