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Jews consistently support anyone and anything that results in the displacement and replacement of Whites. TWO DAYS AGO at the “Cesar Chavez Memorial Plaza” in downtown Phoenix, Jewish groups joined with other non-White advocates for illegal invaders to, as they put it, “stand…
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Below is a report on what has to be one of the most unhinged, lunatic speeches in United States history, at least outside of those calling for Judaeo-American wars. — Dissident Millennial Pelosi Is Entranced By 3 Million ‘Dreamer’ Illegals, Insults Americans’ Children Neil Munro | Breitbart…
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Immigrants have over 50 percent of the jobs in Silicon Valley requiring at least a bachelor’s degree. . . . . . Which is why America needs more immigrants!  (((Oligarchs))) and foreign scab laborers of the world, unite! * * * Source: Dissident Millennial (H/T Chateau Heartiste)…
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