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Who invented the term “conspiracy theory”? Why are conspiracy theories disreputable? Are bizarre, incredible conspiracy theories purposely planted among patriots by Jews?
by Hadding Scott WHO MADE conspiracy theories disreputable? Hint: it was not the CIA. In recent years I have…
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Mark Potok spends a bit more of his “poverty” millions on some new and very timely whoppers from tall tales entrepreneur Todd Blodgett by Mark Cotterill SOME OF YOU may have seen the article – “Accused British Assassin Thomas Mair Attended Racists’ 2000 Meeting” on the SPLC (“Southern…
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Veterans Today, and its founder Gordon Duff, have shown a pattern of spreading disinformation and therefore VT cannot be relied upon as a trustworthy site. IN 2014, a “report” was published claiming that ISIS/IS founder Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is really a Jew and “Mossad agent”…
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