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DAN GERTLER, an Israeli with extensive investments in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is among the first people targeted for sanctions under a new U.S. anti-international corruption law. Dan Gertler is among “13 serious human rights abusers and corrupt actors,” the Treasury Department said…
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The rise and fall of the Jewish diamond monopoly The Legacy of Cecil Rhodes DURING THE diamond rush that started in 1867 at Kimberley, Cape Colony, British colonialist and protégé of the Jewish Rothschild dynasty Cecil Rhodes got involved in the diamond business by renting water pumps to miners and…
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by Lewis Dunahy SINCE 1888 the De Beers company has held a virtual monopoly on the diamond business. Initially Cecil Rhodes, a Gentile, had total control of the firm. In 1893 he contracted to sell De Beers’ entire production of diamonds to a syndicate of ten London firms. All ten firms were owned by Jewish…
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