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WELL, half-Jewish Attorney General Barr came up good just when the Deep State (DS) needed him most. The tsunami of evidence indicating Zimbabwean levels of voting corruption must have had them worried. But the DS has people like Barr positioned for such eventualities. And boy did he come up, well, trumps.…
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Talk about human rights violations. The ongoing persecution of Julian Assange is totally criminal and utterly disgraceful. As far as I’m concerned, Julian Assange is a bonafide legend, a hero and an icon, and for whatever it’s worth, I salute him. — Dissident Millennial Trump’s…
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EssaysHadding Scott

by Hadding Scott THERE IS a general tendency among conservative Republicans to focus their ire on people who are not the real problem. People who run for office, or who work for the government, even violent Antifa, and others who make a lot of noise, are not the real problem, because they are pawns in a game…
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Introduction by John I. Johnson A while back I read a long, informative 3-part article on the World Socialist Web Site, an official publication of the Trotskyite Communist Fourth International, that was quite fascinating, the most significant parts of which are excerpted below. It reveals the extraordinarily…
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by David Sims HERE’S A political red alert for Americans. The “deep state” is an organized group of federal employees, leftwing/Zionist lobbyists, neo-conservatives, media tycoons and other crooked rich people, and spies/agents of foreign governments, operating mostly…
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