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FictionH. Millard

by H. Millard I RECEIVED A most interesting call on my phone the other day from none other than Joey Bigears. Now, Mr. Bigears has been on my missing persons list for a couple of years and I suspect that he may have been on the lam, but I am not one to inquire of such things as I do not wish to intrude into the personal…
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by Dissident Millennial BELOW I HAVE transcribed portions of a recent Matthew Drake podcast featuring a debate between Greg Johnson of Counter-Currents Publishing and an internet personality who calls himself “Valid Thought”. The topic of the debate is whether or not America should…
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David SimsEssays

And why you should do so anyway by David Sims THOSE OF US on the right — we who understand that the far right is usually quite right — should do our best to keep our tempers under control and our language moderate. The media are by and large in the hands of people who oppose us politically, and they’d like…
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The joy of challenging the undeserved intellectual hegemony of the Left by Raymond Martin EXPOSING THE DEEP metaphysical premises of social and political movements is an excellent way to proceed for all of us who reject the prevailing order in every possible way. It is also a good approach to many…
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