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The largely-fictional “Holocaust” is used to shield Jews from the consequences of their crimes. by Dr. William Pierce THE HORROR IN Rhodesia continues — the ethnic cleansing, the murder and rape and dispossession of the Whites there by the Blacks — and the media here continue…
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Kevin Alfred Strom

by Kevin Alfred Strom RABBI DAVID Kaufman quoted my essay and radio broadcast on the Dresden Holocaust in his column recently. His bias stands out like Bertie Wooster’s white suit. Kaufman is an unabashed Zionist, and told the Des Moines Register recently that his concern over events in Iran…
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A [Jewish — Ed.] human rights group in Poland is taking legal action against the British revisionist David Irving for “minimizing” the scale of Nazi atrocities, the Jerusalem Post reports. Irving is currently on a tour of former Nazi death camps and the Warsaw Ghetto. The “Open Republic…
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