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TODAY the Daily Mail, in the second part of their editorial section, published an attack on Penguin Books and National Vanguard as a result of our story on the new bestselling book How They Rule the World by former EU counterintelligence chief Pedro Baños. The hypersensitive, hyper-censorious Jews…
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by Michael Walsh THE BREAKING NEWS is that mainstream media is on the ropes and close to being counted out. According to the noted blogger Don DeBar, “The media has [sic] essentially rendered itself irrelevant in the minds and the opinions of a large majority of Americans. I am talking about the American…
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TODAY’S Mail on Sunday makes a great fuss about the recent forum at a London hotel, where a range of speakers including American Prof. Kevin MacDonald addressed cultural and historical topics. The Mail gets into a frenzy about this event, describing it as a “Nazi invasion of London.” (ILLUSTRATION: …
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Lord Northcliffe (pictured) was a victim of the Zionist establishment whose story deserves to be told, though it was covered up for decades. The lessons for us in his story are deep and profound. by Kevin Alfred Strom THE PRESS MAGNATE Alfred Harmsworth, later Britain’s Lord Northcliffe, once…
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