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by David Sims A LARGE study done in the UK showed that the covid vaccine doesn’t significantly reduce your chance of being infected with coronavirus, nor does it significantly reduce your risk of infecting other people, if you are yourself infected. What it does is reduce the symptoms of covid, if you…
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by David Sims THERE’S A LOT of media hoopla just now over a new strain of coronavirus that is more infectious than the original that causes covid-19. They speak, now, of a coming covid-21 pandemic, a new worldwide health emergency that will require more and longer lockdowns everywhere outside…
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by Thomas Dalton, PhD NOW THAT the criminals parading as Congressmen have finally gotten around to a “stimulus” bill, they have decided that they can ram through a variety of favored projects in the name of helping American families. They throw us a bone of $600 per person — or $2,400 for a family of four…
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