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Bernhard by Douglas Mercer FAIRFAX COUNTY, Virginia Circuit Court Judge Dave Bernhard describes himself as a “White Hispanic,” which is a lie. It turns out (they say) that he is of “Jewish and German” descent (via El Salvador). But even that is a lie. Let me break it down for…
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Kamala Hateswhites, her Jewish husband Douglas Emhoff, and an Alzheimer’s patient IT NOW SEEMS increasingly likely that Joe and the Ho’ have gotten away with blatant election fraud and will be sworn in on January 21. The courts at every level have deemed the overwhelming evidence insufficient…
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Editor’s Note: These invaders should be excluded. Totally. But it would be better to make the exclusion on the basis of biology rather than on the basis of religion (which is just conceptual, and can be changed ten times an hour if you want it to — as compared with biology which is unchangeable).…
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