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Today is the twentieth anniversary of 9/11/2001. It is also is the late Dr. William Luther Pierce’s 88th birthday. Dr. Pierce would approve of our attribution of meaning to that number, 88. Of the two anniversaries, it is the second which has by far the greater significance for our future. Today
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by Hadding Scott IN THIS audio excerpt I discuss with Matt Heimbach and Christopher Cantwell what Robert Bowers could have done that would have been more useful than hoarding guns and shooting up a synagogue:       Hadding%2C%20Heimbach%2C%20and%20Cantwell%20discuss%20courage%20and%20violence%2012%20November%202018…
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by Andrew Hamilton COURAGE — especially social courage — and adventure or thrill-seeking are not the same thing. Courage is a quality most needed by members of the White racial movement. Conviction and the strength and spirit to stand up to totalitarian authorities and the crowd (often a lynch mob)…
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