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Pompeo by Douglas Mercer JUST BEFORE the last Independence Day (which Kevin Strom has rightly noted should rightly be called Dependence Day), former Trump CIA Director and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo took to the electronic pages of Fox News and served us up a heaping helping of patriotic pornography…
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Just when you think they can’t possibly get any crazier, the Christian Right proves you wrong again. IN THE MIDST of the January 6 protests, a series of images emerged showing supporters of President Trump in Washington, DC, blowing shofars. The image was befuddling to many, especially since…
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“Hundred-dollar bills began to multiply in my hands — it was like a lightning flash…” — Kevin Basconi on WorldNet Daily by Kevin Alfred Strom SID ROTH and Kevin Basconi are hucksters who appear on Joseph Farah’s “conservative Christian” WorldNet…
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