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by Andrew Hamilton COPS, PROSECUTORS, and judges are always (that is to say, as a rule — the culture strongly encourages it) eager to attack Whites and undermine their civil liberties and human rights. It’s very safe compared to fighting crime, and good for their careers . . . not to mention…
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by James Harting THERE are many threads and posts on Stormfront discussing the failure of the White Nationalist movement to flourish, despite the fact that a large plurality (and perhaps even a clear majority) of White Americans agree with our core values. But here is one reason — absolutely…
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EssaysKevin Alfred Strom

by Kevin Alfred Strom MUCH HAS BEEN written about the effects of the Hal Turner conviction on what is left of free speech in America. I agree that it will have what lawyers and the cliché-ridden call a “chilling effect.” But so much of what has been written misses the most important fact in…
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A PROMINENT photographer who worked in the trenches during the Civil Rights era has been revealed to have also been a paid informant for the FBI at the time. According to a report by Democracy Now, Ernest Withers worked closely with the FBI to monitor civil rights activists during the 1960s. Withers is…
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