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IN THIS virtual Yule card from National Socialist Germany, we hear the modern band Of the Wand and the Moon singing “We Are Dust.” In one section, the voice of a distraught woman is heard, saying “I want to die” — a tragically common sentiment among White people today,…
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The Russian people don’t make much of Christmas like Americans do. The big holiday for them is celebration of the New Year. The days are already getting longer and Spring can’t be far off… IT’S A VERY nice tradition — to meet Father Frost in Moscow before the New Year’s…
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by Collin Cleary YULE IS the midwinter festival celebrated by my ancestors and by Germanic neo-pagans today. Midwinter is a time when much of nature seems to die or to depart. The trees are stripped of their leaves. The birds abandon us, flying off to warmer climes. Bears, badgers, chipmunks, and squirrels…
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by Matt Koehl ONCE AGAIN, another Yuletide is here. Once again, we celebrate an occasion which has been sacred and joyous in the history of our race for 10,000 years. Throughout the race-life of our Northern European ancestors, the coming of the shortest days of the year always called for a renewing festival.…
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A beautiful and Solstice-appropriate video from David Duke, who has in recent months become one of the best television producers and speakers on this planet. by David Duke After previewing this video to a couple folks, they urged me to put this video out to the general public as well, so we are doing that,…
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