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TED CRUZ, in this 2014 speech, shows where his real loyalties lie. Speaking to a group called In Defense of Christians, the purpose of which is to defend persecuted Christians in the Middle East, Cruz attempts to push the idea that Israel is an entirely innocent and aggrieved party in these conflicts…
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CRAZY GLENN BECK hosted a studio audience on his television program last night, where he revealed that he has ordered his staff to “find a location outside of the United States” from which he can continue to broadcast his programs once American society collapses and the government shuts…
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Christianity, a Semitic religion, provides a beachhead for Jewish influence and manipulation wherever it thrives. A GROUP of Israeli politicians and academics on Monday sought the support of Japan’s small but influential Christian community, part of an increasingly global Judeo-Christian…
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by David Sims I’D LIKE everyone, especially you evangelical Christians who support Israel, to understand what it is that you have been supporting. Last year Benjamin Netanyahu appointed a young woman named Ayelet Shaked (pictured) to be the Israeli Minister of Justice. What appears to be her…
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