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This article by a Jew in a Chinese publication, excerpted here, illustrates a small part of the developing relationship between China and the Jews. AS I SAT through Lunar New Year celebrations in China in January 2019, hosted by the family and friends of a Chinese friend of mine, Gen, I began to pick up…
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Charlie Soong as a young man by Revilo P. Oliver APROPOS of my booklet The Yellow Peril, I notice that a new book, The Soong Dynasty, by Sterling Seagrave, has been announced by the book club in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. I shall not have time to read it for months, but if you look at it, you should notice whether…
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EDITOR’S NOTE: What forces caused the assimilation and near-disappearance of Chinese Jews 150 years ago? And what forces, biological and genetic, are driving their resurfacing today? ON A brisk winter day seven months ago, three young men from Jerusalem named Moshe Li, Gideon Fan and Yonatan…
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