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by John Randolph RECENTLY THE intolerable Establishment stooge Mike Lee shepherded through, on a cowardly voice vote, a bill that would inundate America with an inordinate number of smug, vindictive, and anti-White Indians who will work in our tech sector, harming innumerable White families including…
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NEWS ITEM: Thousands of dogs are slaughtered at annual meat festival,“where every year animals are kept dozens to a cage before being electrocuted, burned and skinned while alive and conscious”. (ILLUSTRATION: 10 million dogs and 4 million cats are tortured to death in China each year,…
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IT’S GRATIFYING when you don’t have to scour the globe for egregious material. When instead you can absorb the entire globalist program from one lazy perch. That’s why I’ve instructed my agents to reconnoiter low-rent office vacancies in Prato, Italy for use as our first foreign bureau. I’m…
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by Ricardo Duchesne IT BEGINS with Kerry Starchuck. A few days ago the Canadian Race Relations Foundation sent an invitation to Kerry Starchuk to “two very important events” being hosted by this organization in the Greater Vancouver Area. The first event, “The Urban Agenda Vancouver.…
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