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Childlessness is becoming increasingly common in Scandinavia, according to new research. A STUDY by the Denmark-based Rockwool Foundation revealed that fertility rates in northern Europe are largely declining. Not only are couples having fewer children on average, but there is a distinct increase…
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Touching the future THE WORD “eugenics” as currently abused by Jewish propaganda agents is actually being used to convey the very opposite of the intended meaning of that word, in that the Jews viciously represent the intent to produce beautiful, healthy, and intelligent people, who…
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The War Against White Women: How Feminism & Diversity are Harming Them by R. Houck Feminism, the sexual revolution, open borders, advertising, and the anti-white media have coalesced to create a barren hellscape for white women in the postmodern world. Society endlessly inundates women with…
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