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by David Sims BLACKS AND ANTI-WHITES like to throw blame upon White countries for not putting “Helping Africa” at the top of their list of financial priorities. This expectation is quite unreasonable, as White nations have own problems, which they are entitled to address first and foremost. Anything…
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Artist’s depiction of Australopithecus robustus by David Sims WHAT GOT THE WHITE man into trouble wasn’t his oppression, but his charity. Lots of other races have done their share of oppressing without incurring anywhere near the blowback that the White race is now having to put up with.…
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Oxfam blames Whites for “racism” while having an almost 90 per cent. White staff. A WHISTLEBLOWER has revealed the Oxfam survey that attacks its White staff for being “racist.” The whistleblower, an Oxfam employee who wished to remain nameless, told the press that staff…
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