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Koppel by Douglas Mercer IT TURNS OUT Aunt Bee was a bigot. Did anyone doubt it? For the American Establishment, Ted Koppel has always been the ostensible voice of reason, but what he really is is a Jew, which is a key distinction. Koppel was born in England. His parents were German Jews who had fled Germany…
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Introduction by David Sims LES MOONVES, a Jewish television executive, has been fired from his cushy job at CBS after several women accused him of sexual abuse. Not having had to work his way up, Moonves joined CBS in July 1995 as President of CBS Entertainment. Inexplicably, he became chairman of CBS…
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David SimsEssays

by David Sims HERE’S A typical controlled media editorial pertaining to gun laws from Jewish-run CBS. It doesn’t have a comment section following the text, and it’s no wonder. If such editorials had comment sections, all of the implicit and explicit lies contained in them would…
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THIS AUDIO CLIP is a capture from a radio program I was listening to on January 5 — the 7AM news report on 650 KSTE in Sacramento. The CBS news reporter is clearly trying to leave the impression that the four attackers in Chicago (who were actually Blacks) were “Trump supporters” and…
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by John Calhoun SO YOU have decided to devote your life to the cause of the White Race. I commend you on that. I want to tell you that our cause is not for the weak, nor is it for the egoistic. Many self-proclaimed “Führers” and “Aryan Warriors” have come before you. Though they…
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